Exchanged Tides Estuary Festival 2021

photo: Mike Snarr – The River Medway at Limehouse Reach, Rochester, Kent UK.
Sailors temporarily docking to unload timber paint their names or home city on the wharf-side.

Exchanged Tides at Estuary Festival 2021 features a 47 minute rolling programme of sound works by:

Jane Pitt, Samuel Randhawa, Aki Pasoulas, Kevin Grist and electroacoustic compositions by Sound Design students: Ben Whitehead, Dan Wangusi, Dejean Bartley, Ed Thorton, Gonçalo Gaspar Valerio, Jack Gee & Katie Rogers from the Centre for Music and Audio Technology at University of Kent Medway Campus.

The audience will experience the sound emanating from the doors of the Tack Room via vibrating speakers as they stand in view of the River Medway.

This sound event is part of a larger project Exchanged Tides, an ACE funded R&D, which explores the relationship between the hyper-local and the global by focusing on the waterways that connect us to each other and the wider world through current, tidal rhythm, exchange and flow.